Abaya was founded in 2006 by Yossi Yodfat and is a reflection of his very clear values that call for a balance between a life of making things locally, creativity and ecological sensibility.

Our viticulture reflects these values, making natural wines and slowly, year after year, adding new vineyards, all of which are farmed in a sustainable manner.

תחת של קאריבו
caribu's ass
A wine that is all fruit and character
A wine you love to love
Aromas of earth, life and sun
As Is
Syrah like Syrah
Carignan in all his glory
Moon Ways
Its bright golden color

Grapes and Vineyards

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We want to keep in touch with our friends. This is your place to sign up so we can update on what is happening in the winery and the new wines, and to tell about events we hold and also what is happening in the vineyards. Join the Abaya Winery's correspondent club here.

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